Feel the vibe!

As a professional DJ, I have had the pleasure of performing at clubs and events all around Greece and London. My goal is to bring energy and excitement to the dance floor through my unique blend of mainstream dance music and advanced techniques such as toneplay, wordplay, scratching, and key transitions. In addition to my work as a DJ, I also produce my own edits, remixes, and original tracks in various mainstream genres including Pop, Rnb, Reggaeton, Moombathon, and Mainstream House. Through this website, I have created a personal blog that serves as a central hub for all of my DJ mixes and remixes. As a musician driven by my love and passion for creating music, I am thrilled to offer everything on this site for free. My ultimate goal is to share my music with others and bring joy through the power of sound. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will join me in feeling the vibe.